New Music Video ‘Wildfire’ for The Mynabirds



The angelic, sweet, badass and smoooove as hell Laura Burhenn, front woman of her band The Mynabirds, has just released her new album called Lovers Know. We have been addictively listening to it for a month now because Dirty Girls Project was invited to make the music video for their song “Wildfire”.

An excerpt from the Wildfire video treatment –


‘Wildfire’ is what you have when you feel totally free. Wildfire is that “last summer before high
school senior year or college” kind of feeling. It’s the rush you feel when you face your fears, or
when you stand up for yourself or someone you love. It’s triumphant, it’s shooting off your first
roman candle, it’s teenage wild abandon and it’s the lust for more when you’re near the end.
Wildfire is that feeling when you’re with your girlfriends who inspire you to live like there’s no
tomorrow and do the things you fear the most. It’s burning into the night, it’s a raging bonfire, it’s
crazy love.

WIDFIRE the video:

A gang of girlfriends and long lost sisters grow in numbers as they embark on a day of thrills and
real life adventures. They encourage each other to do weird things, get in trouble, express what
it means to live in the moment, live empowered, rule their world, and face their fears.
Together or alone they are WILDFIRE.
They build a bonfire on the beach and skinny dip,
They rally a bunch of motorcycles and ride,
They infiltrate a basket ball game on the venice boardwalk,
They ride a roller coaster,
They wheat paste in the night,

       IMG_7259    IMG_7351


The video was released and premiered on They wrote a sweet article.






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