First Class Ever: Yoga Partay!
  Dirty Girls Project collaborated with the super beautiful, nimble, sweetie-pie-yogi, Myrah Penaloza, for our first event ever. Why? Because Myrah called us up and said “Hey girls, I’ll be
Seduction Kills Dirty Girls
We were instantly transformed into these windy floaty rock and roll fairies. We were as feminine as one could be which included the rap music coming off our iPhones and head-banging in alleys and prowling around Venice Beach
The Sedi Suit Splat
When Sed Pak invited Dirty Girls Project to collaborate, we were like, “Hell yeah! Name the time and place!!”  Next thing you know, she asked our sizes for 5 nude unitards!
a French Zine
Hunter Gatherers: Kiran Gandhi x Lower Eastside Girls Club
with Kiran Gandhi
Jungle Of Bitches:
with Again Apparel